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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Recent Project...

A few weeks ago husband's company had a weekend project. It is rare that they work on weekends because my husband believes in spending time with family but this project had to get done.

My husband knows how much I love decor and interiors so once the project was finished he sent me a few photos of the home that they were working at and I just could not believe that this home is located in my city.

Isn't it magnificent? I love the details in the archway and the pillars look so stately and grand. Take a look at the floors. There were so many attributes. Now this is a grand entryway. 

My husband said that they had art all down the halls. He said that he felt like he was in one of the Smithsonians in Washington again. Looking at this I can see why.

Do I spy blue and white? Of course, a home like this has it. It is elegant and timeless. But take a look at those beautiful sconces. Now aren't those impressive?

This was one of the bathrooms in the home. They have marble walls and just look at the mirror and chandelier. My goodness..... I was just in awe with the entire space. 

Okay, this is the outdoor space that I dream of! Blue and white lamps outside. Genius! The fireplace looks cozy and did you notice that they have a mirror above it? Wow, I would not have thought of that. It's just beautiful. 

When my husband sent this photo I just stared at it. The stairs alone are a work of art. And speaking of art do you see it all around on the walls? I wish I could have been there on sight at this project.

I think I would have been driving the owners nuts asking questions about the art, the marble, and all of the features of the home. It's just splendid. 

I was so happy that my husband shared this pictures with me and so happy that he got the opportunity to work in such a beautiful place. It was truly an honor. 

(photos via Mr. Shockley)

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