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Friday, June 29, 2018

A Little Haul

Last weekend my husband wanted to visit one of our outdoor malls. It was quite shocking! He hates shopping so of course when he made that suggestion I jumped right on it!

I stopped at a few stores. Not many. I was not really on the look out for anything. I did stop in Bath and Body Works. The semi-annual sale is starting to wind down.

I did find a few things there......

I love their body creams. They work so well and when I find a scent I stick with it. Well, that's until they discontinue it which seems to be the case with every scent that I love! It's frustrating. These were on sale for only $2.46 each! So I got pink magnolia. I love the hints of jasmine petals and wild orchid. It is a very light scent. 

The next scent that I picked up was jasmine green apple and that seems to be sold out online. Then I decided to try wildberry and chamomile. I really like it! It is goes well with my body pheromones. The last item that I picked up was acai berry body refresher. I loved this also! It is such a great scent and has been wonderful spraying on myself during these hot summer days. 

They also had these faux berry branches. They were about $7 per branch but I got them for $1.24 each this past weekend! How great is that? I love them in my blue and white vase. I could not find these online so they must be sold in the store only. 

I bought so many that I had enough for a second bouquet at work. They look so beautiful in my office too! I sure hope that you enjoyed this post and stop by your local Bath and Body Works store. They always have wonderful items. 

Have a great weekend!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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