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Friday, June 8, 2018

A Chic Entryway

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am reading a book called Home Sweet Maison. I am still at the beginning of the book. I was recently reading the section about entryways. I love entryways. I believe that they can tell a story about you and your family.

They can give hints and clues if one is paying attention. The author Danielle Postel-Vinay shared how the french like to use their entryways to tell stories.

She talked about her friend and how she used fragrances in her entryway. That is one of my favorite things that I like to introduce people to when they enter my home. A fragrance......

She also discussed her in-laws entryway.  She said it told a story about them. They had shelves of packed medical books, a human skull, a collection of 18th century beakers, medieval pharmacy jars, phrenological markings, a few old microscopes, and other countless objects. So what did that entryway tell you about her in-laws? That they were interested or were professionals in the medical field. 

I found that to be so fascinating! It was so interesting reading that. How they shared their lives within their entryway.

She shared other tips on how the french decorate their entryways. 1) Your entree should look like no one else's entrance. Use objects to create a map of your tastes, your interests, and your life. 2) Choose books, artworks, or objects that tell your personal story- objects from your past, present, and even future. Don't be afraid to dream. Use objects that express hopes for your future endeavors, such as my father-in-law's typewriter. 3) Create a place for shoes, and coats. I love a big, old-fashioned wooden coat-rack, which is a staple of many of the French homes, but hooks on a wall, an armoire, or a coat closet will also work. 4) Choose a case, bookshelf, or cabinet to display your own memory theater. This will showcase small curiosities and give your guests a glimpse of the microcosm of your life. 

And lastly, place a natural home fragrance, perfume, incense, diffuser, or candle in your entrance that offers a scent to which you have a personal connection. 

These are some great tips and I may "open" up my entryway more and tell a story of my own. 

(Tips from Author Danielle Postell-Vinay, photos via Pinterest)

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