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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I Love Spanxs!

I remember when I first heard this word, "spanxs". I thought what in the world are those? So I googled them and looked at a few and by the looks of them I did not like them.

I purchased an imitation pair and that was the worst experience I ever had! They rolled up my stomach and up my chest. They were dreadful!

But then a few weeks ago I decided to go and look at an actual pair of spanxs and honestly I am glad I did.

My spanx at home

I LOVE my spanxs! They work! They pull in what needs to be pulled in and the tuck in what needs to be tucked in. I went ahead and invested in an nude pair and a black pair and honestly I have no regrets!

I have the OnCore High-Waisted Shaper Short and for someone who wears dresses all the time having on a pair of shorts has been a life saver. I wish I would have purchased these before. 

These are the pairs that I purchased. I wash them on the delicate cycle then I let them air dry. It has been great having them. 

If you had a bad experience like I did maybe you should give them another chance or go up a size. I did and they fit! I really do enjoy them and I do feel more put together with a pair on. 


(photo via Mrs. Shockley)

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