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Monday, April 9, 2018

A Snow Day with Julia Child

It's been about three weeks since we have been to D.C. and I still can not get over the fact that they shut the city down for 4 inches of snow! I could not believe it! But in all fairness I am from Indiana so I guess I would not understand seeing that. We have to have almost 15 inches before our city will shut down anything.

So the government shut down during my training and I had a snow day! Only it was not your normal snow day. Everything was CLOSED! The closure even included stores and restaurants! So what were we to do in our nations capital? I certainly did not want to stay in our hotel for the whole day so I called around and found out that only two museums were open. One was the National Museum of American History. So we decided to go and spend some time there. The only thing was so did everyone else in the city!!!!

It was so crowded but we made the best of it and walked around....

Well this was a journey back into my childhood. Mister Rogers!!! Who doesn't love Mister Rogers? I remember the day he died. I was on my way to work the morning I heard it on the radio. Such a wonderful show. 

I was not expecting to see this exhibit. I had no idea that this was there. I am such a fan of Julia Child. I read her book "My Life in France". It was such a wonderful story. I wrote about it here.

I took pictures of every nook and cranny of her kitchen. I tried to absorb as much of it as possible. 

I am shocked at how nice her ovens were!

All of her books. I tilted my head to the side to see what she was reading. 

I believe these were video cassettes of her shows. 

Her copper pan set is in immaculate shape!

She was awarded the Legion d'honneur medal in 2000.

Information about the show and her Emmy Award. 


I went back to the kitchen to look some more. 

Her refrigerator.... so neat!

So fascinating....

Oh and I could not leave out this beauty. This is a 1950 Buick Sedan in my favorite car color, black. I just love the classic cars. I hope to own one of these some day too! I really enjoyed looking at Julia's kitchen. It makes the book seem more real and it give more details to your imagination. I hope that you can get to the museum and see it for yourself. 

Bon Appetit!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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