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Monday, March 12, 2018

The Hunt for a Pink Blush Tote

With Spring arriving my hunt for certain fashion finds has increased. The best time is when the opposite season is happening. They best time to buy a winter coat is in the summer or spring and the best time to buy sandals is in the dead of winter. You always get a great price!

For this spring and summer I really want a large pink blush tote. And I want it to have some structure.

I saw this on Etsy. This is the perfect size but I am worried about it being to slouchy. I don't do well with bags that I have to dig into. I want a big tote that will stand up straight we I place it on the ground. 

Now this bag provides that structure but I don't really like the color and I think it maybe too small. I love the color of the first. It has sort of a dusty rose look. 

I would love to own this oversized suede tote from Aerin Lauder but it is sold out and is a small fortune. 

Then I found this on Ebay. It is called the Joy Lightweight Nylon Tote. It is quite lovely and the size is great. 

These are just a few finds online that I saw. My quest will continue. I don't want to settle. I just hope that I can find one that is dusty rose, large, medium straps and has gold hardware. And of course does not cost a fortune. If you know of any suggestion, please comment below. 

Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. I love all the blush tones of clothing and accessories that I see while shopping or just looking around. I’ve also been looking for a lush tote. The ones I see are usually off with the color or just not my style. I also don’t want to pay a fortune for the bag. I really love that suede bag and the very first one, but it looks like it’ll slouch down. Blush is such a beautiful feminine color and I’m so happy that I have started to add it into my wardrobe.

    1. It is such a great color. I think that it is flattering on most people. I hope that you find your tote too! If you do make sure that you share it!