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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My Daughter's Paint Party

Time sure is flying by. My daughter was 9 when I started this blog and this weekend she turned 13! Incredible right? Well, I no longer have control of the themes of her parties.

Last year we had a party at a trampoline place called Sky Zone and the year before that we had a gymnastics party for her. I did love the flower arranging party that I had for her a few years ago. This year she said that she just wanted a paint party at home with friends.

It sounded good to me! I jumped on my favorite craft website called Oriental Trading. I purchased everything I needed from there and it turned out great!

I used these paint buckets as favors for the guests. They were a big hit!!!

And these artist lollipops were just to cute to pass up!

I filled the paint buckets with candy and toys. 

These artist party dessert plates were so creative and they looked great with the artist party beverage napkins.

My daughter had a good time with her friends. It turned out to be a great quiet birthday party!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. That is a wonderful idea. My daughter is 7 so she is still very much interested in parties like Lauren had in the past, but I'll keep this idea in mind for when she's older. Oh, and what cute party favors!

    1. Hello Mya,
      Oh your daughter is only 7? Still such a magical age. Enjoy it while you can. This party was really fun and not too expensive. Lauren enjoyed her friends and they were really quiet. I loved the party favors too! My husband has a painting company and wanted to keep the kids favors!

  2. that is lovely. what a beautiful party. My daughter Violet turns 12 this summer, but she won't be having a party. Here in England as soon as children leave Primary school then parties are over!
    My favourite party we held for Violet was when she turned 7. We put up the gazebo in the garden, hired a bouncy castle, and had a British Village Fair theme. You can take a look if you would like, I wrote about it at the time on my old blog.

    Your party favours turned out brilliantly well! I love them. All the little touches are really rather wonderful. I also went back in time to look at the flower arranging party, another fabulous idea.

    1. Hello Sadie,
      Wow when children leave primary school no more parties? Wow.... I just looked at your blog post. How fantastic! I love the party that you did. The floral details were splendid. I wish my daughter would have let me do something with florals but she is getting older now and what's to incorporate her own taste.