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Monday, March 26, 2018

Beautiful Trinkets at H & M

Well we are back home from my week long work-training trip in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, I only got to see the indicator tree in full bloom. A snow storm hit D.C. on Wednesday that shut down the city and slowed down the process of the cherry blossom trees.

No need to worry, they were not damaged and apparently are on track to bloom the first week of April. My husband and I are seriously considering taking a 3-day weekend trip to seem them. Just me and him no kids. We have NEVER done this before but we are thinking about it.

So this week I will be sharing some beautiful finds, items that I purchased and places that I visited while in D.C. I hope that you enjoy this week's posts.

Now today I wanted to share some beautiful home trinkets at H & M.

Now I love this tote! I saw it in person in D.C. but I saw it in the beige not pink and the H & M store there was closed because of the snow storm!

The next chic item that I adore is this porcelain cup.

Isn't this a wonderful little cup? I would love to have this for my morning hot water, lemon and honey. 

Now isn't this a wonderful item? So feminine and elegant. I am torn!!! I want both the pink and turquoise. I would use one for hand lotion on my desk and the other for soap. 

Another great little trinket. Can't you see this on your dresser next to a bouquet of lilies? Oh tres' chic! I want this one in pink and turquoise also. 

Who doesn't want a great pineapple? I have a few and this one is really cute. There is also a ceramic one that is only $3.99!

Now doesn't this look like something you would find on your chic grandmother's dresser with her vintage pearls and Hermes scarf? I adore it and think it adds great texture to your vignette. 

And finally this glass dome looks like a wonderful item to have for any home. It's so versatile. You could use it for flowers, small decor items or just have it by itself in a room or on a table. It's quite lovely. 

It looks so stunning with the orchid in it. All of these gold accessories are available on the website. 

I hope that this post provides you with beautiful inspiration for your home. All of the prices are great too which makes it really hard not to buy everything!!! Enjoy!!

(photos via H & M)


  1. Dear Mrs. Shockley,
    I'm glad you had a safe trip, too bad about the snow. We can't seem to get away from it! I love the H&M soap dispenser! I just ordered two, one for soap and as you said, one for lotion. They look lovely. Thank you for 'scouting' them out. I hope you and your husband can take that trip.

    Warmly, Kathleen

    1. Hello Kathleen, I know! The snow just keeps coming! It's spring for heaven's sake! I am glad you like the soap dispenser! I will be ordering mine this week. I do hope that we can make the trip. We have NEVER taken a trip alone. So we both believe that we are due!