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Monday, February 26, 2018

My French Country Home ~ A New Book

Sharing new books with people is a great way to communicate and share beauty. I could not wait until my copy of this book arrived. I knew that it was going to be special.

My copy at home

My French Country Home is such a reading and visual treat! I loved how Sharon discussed in the beginning chapters how she was purchasing her chateau in Normandy. She said that French real estate agents do not share information easily. She had to fax and write letters to all the local realtors and notaries but none of them got back to her!  WOW, I did not know that it would be that hard to house hunt in France. 

Makes me a little nervous as an American....

Cherry Clafoutis

I don't want to tell the rest of the story but it is a wonderful read and a real eye opener for someone like me from the states who wants to buy a chateau someday. It won't stop me but I now know that I must be patient. 

Rose Petal Jelly

The recipes look scrumptious and easy. I also enjoyed looking at all of the vintage china that Sharon picked up at the local brocante fairs. That is something that I would LOVE to do! Attend a brocante fair in the countryside of France. 

Pages from the book, lovely aren't they? 

And here is a lovely photo of Sharon Santoni. I have enjoyed her two books and I love her blog. I am always excited when she posts real estate property for sale. Especially, when it is a chateau. Oh my heart just sings. I would love to see one in person. 

I do hope that you check out Sharon's book. I know for me when I read it; it takes me away for awhile. Into the countryside walking around the cherry blossom and magnolia trees. It is truly elegant. I also wrote about her first book here. It is very inspiring also. 

(photos via My French Country Home)

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