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Friday, February 9, 2018

My Denim Shirt

Denim, denim. I have never been a fan really but I recently saw this beauty on the New York and Company website.

It is called the Ruffled Denim Jacket. It is really chic and I really like it!

I wore it to work on a casual Friday and it worked really well. It was comfortable and still classic. I was very happy with this purchase. 

Of course everyone around me was saying, "oh goodness, you're in denim"!!! It was a shock to many but I was still able to keep my normal attire and I made it work for me. I added the brooch and a gold bracelet. It was great! 

I hope that you enjoy this jacket. It is the ONLY denim item in my wardrobe. If they keep making chic pieces like this I might be able to add more. 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. you were in denim, yes, but it was ruffled and accessorized with a brooch!
    I practically live in denim, but I usually have pearls about my person too, it's all about adding that little extra! x

    1. Hello Sadie,
      You wear pearls with your denim, very nice! I agree. That does change the look to your outfit! Thank you for stopping by.