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Monday, January 29, 2018

My First Jo Malone Purchase

So excited about this blog post! My husband purchased my first Jo Malone fragrance two weekends ago! I was really surprised. We went in just to look around and ended up having a wonderful experience.

Our Jo Malone store here in our city. 

All the wonderful fragrances that they encourage you to mix and match. 

I kept navigating to the floral scents. She mixed their Red Roses scent with the English Pear & Freesia scent and it was quite lovely. Then she mixed the Red Roses scent with the Mimosa & Cardamom and that was quite lovely also. It was so much fun mixing scents and understanding the oils. I really enjoyed it! 

In the end we settled on the red roses scent. My husband just LOVED it!

The box was so wonderfully wrapped and chic!

We purchased the 30ml bottle for $65! I wanted to see how it went with my body chemistry. 
Loving it so far. 

She gave me lots of samples. I have been wearing them. I must say that I really like the red rose bath oil. She gave me a sample of it and I have been putting it on my feet, hands, knees, elbows. It is so nice. Oh gosh and with our below freezing temperatures it has been a God send!

Hand cream samples

I so enjoyed my visit to Jo Malone and will be going again for some of that Red Rose Bath oil. It was a wonderful experience and I thank my husband for the lovely gift. 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley) 


  1. Dear Mrs. Shockley,
    What a nice experience. It sounds like you has an excellent salesperson to introduce you to the line. We have a small 'counter' in our Saks here, but I have always loved the Nutmeg and Ginger bath oil for fall and winter. You and I are bath people. Enjoy.

    Warmly, Kathleen

    1. We most certainly are Kathleen! Humm, ginger and nutmeg. I may have to check that out next time!