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Monday, December 4, 2017

My 600th Post!

I can't believe it! This is my 600th blog post! It is still quite amazing that I am made it this far. That I have "published" more than 500 entries. I can't believe it!

It has been quite a journey trying to come up with different posts every week. Sometimes I must admit I want to quit because you just don't know if you are truly inspiring anyone. 

Seeing other bloggers pages makes you feel like yours should match theirs but I fight that. I want mine to be my own and not mimic someone else. 

I love meeting all of my new "social media" friends. I have met some really nice bloggers and instagrammers. 

I have met some authors and I have been able to chat with them. It has been great opening up my world and meeting people on the other side of it. 

My kitchen at home

I do hope that I can continue with blogging. It is a great outlet and a great place to make elegant friends. 

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  1. Hello, I have been reading for a while but I don't think I've commented before. I want to tell you that you certainly do inspire me, especially with your posts that focus on elegance in the workplace. Our tastes are not quite the same, but we do share the same ideals. Thank you for your lovely blog and your Instagram feed, I enjoy both!

    1. Hello Crista,
      Thank you for stopping by! I always like chatting with readers! You follow me on Instagram too? That's great! Thank you for the support and for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Dear Mrs. Shockley,

    Congratulations! I always read your posts and love every one of them. They encourage us to keep standards that we believe will make our lives better. When I feel like I am 'different', I think of you and others in our 'community' who just keep doing what we do. Thank you for all your inspiration.

    Warmly, Kathleen

    1. Awww, thank you Kathleen! It is always good to hear from you. I feel "different" sometimes too! Sometimes other women give me these strange looks but I just keep moving forward. I would not be happy if I did not follow what I believe is the truth for me. Thank you for you support!

  3. Warm congratulations on achieving your 600 posts milestone. I love your blog and especially how you find beauty and refinement everywhere and am inspired by your elegant outlook. Thank you Mrs Shockley.

    1. Hello Liza! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for reading the blog. It is always good to know that you are inspiring someone. Thank you again for reading!