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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Why I Wear Glitter Shoes

When November arrives I always begin to pull out my glitter heels. Some people have given me a hard time in the past for wearing them. I don't know why but they do.

I think it is because they associate glitter heels with Christmas only. You are only allowed to wear them on Christmas Day and to parties only. Well, if you have not learned something about me yet then you will learn that I am not going to bow to what people believe that I should do.

I start to wear my glitter heels the second week of November like clock work every year. I love some of the reactions that I get from the little girls. Ohhhh, they love it! Especially when I am standing in line, they just smile at me. It is the best!

For the most part, women just stare at them and you can see a slight smile or glimmer in their eyes when I walk by. 

If you have a pair of glitter heels WEAR THEM! I wear mine to the office with a nice blouse, skirt and maybe a brooch or some pearls. You can make them really chic with the right outfit. 

Here is my collection so far. All of them are comfortable and most of them are from Payless!! I paid under $40 for each pair. 

I just want to encourage people to wear what you have and stop worrying about people. The truth is they are going to talk about you anyway. So just continue with your life and be elegant!

If you wish to read my past post about glitter heels, see here and here. Enjoy!

(photos via Pinterest and Mrs. Shockley)

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