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Friday, September 1, 2017

My Wishlist at Macy's

I always try to stay away from Macy's when I visit our local mall but their home items are just too good to not long for. Here are a few of items on my wishlist from Macy's. Fingers crossed I am able to get them soon....

I want these in pink of course!

and last but certainly not least these beauties

I have been after Chanel shoes for a long time but they are just so expensive. So I searched the web and found these at Macy's. The price is a little better making it easier to buy them. 

But these are much cheaper. These are called Bellone at Aldo and on sale now!
I was able to get a pair and they are very chic!

Well, my list isn't long but these are some great finds to me. I am hoping to get my hands on them one by one. 

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