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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mornings at the Office

Getting up everyday and having a routine is very important to me. With routines I feel as though I have substance. I mentioned this on the blog before, see here and here if you wish to read them.

I always have flowers in the office. A great way to start your morning....

A small breakfast at my desk. Some pastry or bread and my small cup of peaches....

Big Lenox cloth napkins...

I have my own silverware of course....

I always have my water with fruit in it. See my blog post here about that.

After breakfast, I go to the kitchen and make my hot water, lemon and honey. I keep lemons in the office fridge. 

I answer some emails then I go and wash my dishes. I bring in my own dish liquid. This is a small container with my Ivory dish liquid in it. Why not enjoy my pretty dish liquid here to. 

After my routine, I began my day and enjoy all my office pretties around. I keep my lip balm and lip stick in this blue and white container that my mother in law gave to me. Very nice....

I have vintage pieces all around my office. I found this vase at a thrift store last year. 

I have an aloe vera plant that I keep by the window. It got so big that a few months ago I had to bring it home and separate it! I ended up give away four plants from it! Needless to say that my co-workers were very happy.

I keep a lot of my vases at the top of my cabinets. I do enjoy my daily routine in my office. Wherever you work make it your own. If you have a space bring in something personal to make it beautiful. Whatever that beauty is to you. Enjoy your routines!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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