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Monday, July 10, 2017

My Lunch at Laduree in New York ~ 2017

Going to New York is always a big adventure. I know for us we have to make sure that we plan our trip right in order to get the most out of each day. I was so excited to find out that a second location for Laduree had opened in New York. I went to the Madison Avenue location back in 2014, see here if you missed it and it was wonderful.

But then I learned that this location was much bigger and offered lunch. So on our first day in the big apple we parked our car and took a nice little walk to Laduree in Soho.

We walked through Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. 
It was crowded but a beautiful day. 

Seeing the pretty green building..... sighing....

Look at all the delectable treats!

The pretty little french tables and chairs!

Walking into the dinning room

You could also dine outside if you please.

But I wanted to be inside with all the decor....

Gorgeous menus

Homemade style lemonade for me

I could not stop looking around!

I ordered the veggie burgers with fries. Now these were not veggie meat patties.
No, these were mini sandwiches with roasted veggies on the inside and they
were delish!

My stepson ordered the chicken ceasar salad. 

The dinnerware was so becoming and I had to ask if you could purchase any of it.
They said no, none of the dinnerware was for sale. 
Sad face....

They offered different kinds of french bread.

I felt like a kid. A happy kid!

Once lunch was over and we were leaving I took more photos of the other rooms.

The leopard carpet was so fetching and the blue velvet furniture was very glamorous. 

We went out front to the bakery and decided to pick up some macaroons. 
So many different flavors to choose from. They had cherry blossom, rose, raspberry,
chocolate, lemon, mint, etc. 

Pretty bags and totes to purchase.

We ended up with 24 and we tried to contain ourselves and not eat them all at
once. But they tasted just like the flavors that they were named. 

It was such a wonderful experience. I wish we would get a location here but I just can't see that in Indiana unfortunately. Oh well, all the more reason to travel, right?

Oh, and my husband did talk one of the guys into giving me a large Laduree bag. 
I love it! Isn't it great?

We had a wonderful lunch and it was a great visit! I hope to see it again soon. 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. How exciting! Such a beautiful decorated space. I love the decor, it looks just as delicious as all the desserts. Great job on Mr. Shockley for talking the guy into giving you the large tote!

    1. I know right? I kept telling him, no it's okay but he was very convincing so they gave him one. I have to admit I was so happy to get one and then we went inside another store once we left there and a woman stopped me and said it was beautiful and asked where I got it! Too very funny right?