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Friday, July 7, 2017

Dreams at the National Gallery of Art

Once we finished at the Library of Congress we took a 30 minute walk to the National Gallery of Art.

And I have to say..... it was gorgeous!

The high ceilings....

Oh my....

The large fountain was radiant....

It felt like we were walking in a modern castle.

The floors were just as exquisite as the paintings.

Nicolas Lancret
French (1690-1743)

Portrait of a Young Woman in White
oil on canvas 1798
Circle of Jacques-Louis David

Claude Monet

My favorite
Vincent Van Gogh

"La Mousme"
Vincent Van Gogh

Walking around and seeing all the indoor fountains also made you feel 
like you were in a secret garden.

Another favorite of mine....

Marie Victoire Lemoine
"Portrait of a Youth in an Embroidered Vest"

This young man's identity has yet to be determined, but his elegant attire- an exquisite satin coat and elaborately embroidered vest- attest his connection to a noble family.....  (info from the museum)

Joseph Ducreux
"Le Discret"


"Everyone was eager to come to my evening parties, which were sometimes so crowded that marshals of France sat on the floor for want of chairs."
Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun, Memoirs, 1835

Francois Boucher
"Fountain of Venus"

Love all the paint color selections, truly enchanting.....

"Shaw Memorial"
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
1900, patinated plaster

"Giant Magnolias on a Blue Velvet Cloth"
Martin Johnson Heade

"The White Girl (Symphony in White, No. 1)"
James McNeil Whistler 

Frederic Edwin Church

I looks like the water is moving. Simply alluring....

Just room after room of beautiful things

Oh gosh, I think I love this paint color!

"The Voyage of Life: Youth"
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund

Me looking around....

After looking at as much of the art gallery that we could we decided to head out and have dinner. We ended up at Carmines restaurant. I loved all the vintage furniture and chandeliers. 

All of the dishes were family size so if gave you a reason to pass plates around. It was delicious and we certainly enjoyed the atmosphere. My family and I really enjoyed our time here in Washington, D.C. and hope to return very soon.

The next places that we want to visit but didn't get a chance to was the National Archives, the Jefferson Monument, and honestly we will probably just do a repeat of some things we just did. I would love to sit down at the Library of Congress and spend an extra hour at the National Gallery of Art. 

I also hope that we can go during the cherry blossom season. Now wouldn't that be lovely?

(all photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. I have so enjoyed your wonderful posts re Washington DC, Mrs. Shockley. Very good photos, and I've learned a lot! Thank you for sharing your trip with your readers. Blessings, Bess

    1. Hello Bess,
      Thank you for reading and for stopping by! We had a wonderful time!