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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The New Aerin Lauder Collection ~ Williams Sonoma

Well, seeing this news on Williams Sonoma's instagram account was so refreshing. They started posted photos of the new Aerin Lauder Collection a couple of weeks ago.

I love blue and white and Aerin has been some of the inspiration from that. My friend Mrs. Shery and Tina from the Enchanted Home have also been great influences for me too.

I went and visited their website and took a look at the collection. It is just chic....

This is my absolute favorite! I love this!

Aerin also has beautiful artwork and wonderful home decor items. Like this beautiful photo....

Such a wonderful home collection. I am hoping that I can pay a visit to my local Williams Sonoma store here very soon. If you wish to see the entire Aerin Home Collection click here.

(photos via Google)

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