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Monday, May 1, 2017

My Search for Blue and White Garden Stools

Each year I share some photos of my front yard garden. I have some lilac bushes, peonies, hydrangeas, lilies, rhododendrons, and some gladiolus. I also like to decorate my porch with floral arrangements and garden furniture.

This year I am also hoping to plant some pink roses in the back yard, but I am having to coordinate with my husband because we want to put a slate rock pad down in the back so some of my floral plantings will have to wait. But I can move forward on my ideas for the front.

So, I have been on the look out for some blue and white garden stools. My very good friend Mrs. Shery has already managed to find one in South Carolina. It is perfect! I wish she could ship me a duplicate but I will do my very best to find one here in my state. (Hint, hint Mrs. Shery)

I have managed to find some online and have found some wonderful pictures on Pinterest for ideas.....

I found this beauty at Target. I believe it is online only. I also found this same one at Walmart too! Online only and for $90! These stools are expensive!

This was on and it is called the Safavieh Pagoda Garden Stool.

Now Pier 1 has this stool that has the pedestal top. I love this one! It is called the Yuyuan Garden Stool.

This isn't blue and white but I thought it was quite lovely. Don't you agree?

I am off to a pretty good start. I hope that I can at least find two for my front porch. Since my house is already blue I believe this would be a lovely accent to our home. Wish me luck!!!

(photos via Pinterst & Google)


  1. I bet your front yard is beautiful when the flowers are all in bloom! I just love the blue and white garden stools, they make great additions in landscaping, front porches and even indoors. You are right about them being expensive, they are definitely more than what I would like to pay. I recently had a talk with my husband about our yards. Weeds have taken completely over to the point that we need to start completely over. We did a complete landscaping job at our last home and it took thousands of dollars, but the bulk of that went to pay the landscapers because the product is somewhat affordable. Cant wait to see your slate rock bed project!

    1. Yes, we are going to war with our weeds as well. We started to have our grass treated a few years ago and it is really helping. The bad part is that our dogs are not helping. They dig and pull everything. So it has been a battle.