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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

French Country Home ~ A New Book

My favorite french muse has done it again! Sharon Santoni author of My Stylish French Girlfriends is coming out with a new book this year! I am really excited and can't wait to get my copy of My French Country Home: Entertaining Through the Seasons.

It is set to be released on August 8. I really enjoyed her last book and wrote about it here, here, and here. I can't want to see what wonderful ideas, recipes and beautiful photos Sharon has in her book. She gave a sneak preview of it on her blog, see it here.

I do look forward to reading this book and hope to share what I learn from it. 

(photos via Google)


  1. I have preordered the book and look forward to it very much too!

    1. Indeed Rachel! I read that it will be the same size as the "Chic Girlfriends" book! So excited about the content!