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Monday, May 8, 2017

Art in Indy

Last year I shared a post about the Stutz Art Show that we attended. We decided to attend it again with our kids and we always enjoy it. (see last year's post here)

They had more classic cars and more bands playing music everywhere. Some of the same artists were there but then again there were a few new faces.

We had a good time. I did not take any photos this year. I learned that some of the artists do not like it. So I wanted to respect their work and just enjoy it. I did however take photos of some of the floral arrangements that were there.

Beautiful, beautiful simply beautiful!

Okay, I did manage to sneak in one piece but that was all. So pretty.....

Okay, this was my favorite thing in the whole show. This artist brought in some fresh lilac from her garden at home. She was really nice and very pleasant. Love the blue and white plate of course!

I hope you take advantage of whatever art shows or galleries you have in your city. Like Jennifer L. Scott would say, "continue to seek the arts".

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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