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Friday, April 28, 2017

Picnic Ideas

Summer is upon us and this year and I wanted to do at least one thing. I want to have a picnic! I have not had a picnic since I was in high school and I loved them! So this year I have it on my calendar to plan a picnic for me and my family. Here are some of my ideas....

1) A nice blanket and some pillows

2) Of course I want lots of fresh fruit and sandwiches

3) I think some french bread would be nice to nibble on with some gourmet cheese. 

Beautiful spread

4) Oh and of course I can not forget the candles! I love this idea of using them in mason jars.

I am looking forward to this and I know my family will enjoy it! Oh and I can not forget the wine. It will be nice to have a glass with my husband while the kids walk around. I am really looking forward to this!

I am hoping that some flowers will be around while we are enjoying each other's company. 

I hope that you enjoyed this post and are inspired to have your very own picnic! 

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  1. Thank you for this inspiring post. I have been wanting to have a picnic with my family as well. Off to add a picnic basket to my Mother's day wish list.

    1. You are most welcomed Mya! I had it on my list last year but just forgot about it. So I made sure that I plugged it into my calendar this summer. Happy Mother's Day in advance and enjoy your picnic!

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    Keep Posting:)

  3. I just love picnics! It was on my plan to have a picnic this past Easter, but I couldn't find an appropriate basket at a great price. My family and I did have a picnic a couple of years ago for Mother's Day and we really did enjoy it. I think I may continue my search for a basket. Thanks for inspiring us all to live life beautifully!

    1. Mrs. Shery!!! Thank you for always stopping by. If you find a basket you'll have to share where you got it. And you inspire me to live beautiful every day as well.