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Monday, April 10, 2017

Inspiring Calendars

Has anyone ever read Martha Stewart's magazine and seen in the beginning the "Martha's Month"? I mean it is incredible! I know that she has people assisting her with all of these duties but still it is quite inspiring to me that she keeps up with all of her duties and home this way.

I just love it....

This is a photo that I took from April's issue of Martha Stewart. I was in awe of her daily reminders and chores. I mean "wash and store heavy sweaters on April 8. On April 21 she will be cleaning and organizing her pantry. On the 25th she will be washing her baseboards. 

As I said, I know that she has someone helping her but still this is so inspiring to me. For me I don't think, "Oh my gosh, I could not do all of this". "I am not Martha Stewart". But here is the reality, I am not Martha Stewart. I am Mrs. Shockley and will live my life according to what works for me and my family.

But seeing this does inspire me to add more to my calendar and to be more organized. Each year there are things that I put on my schedule. For me it's washing my windows, cleaning my carpets, planting more flowers around our home. 

These duties are definitely on my list this spring....

My "honey-do" list for my husband is pretty long to. He has to stain the fence, paint our master bedroom, bathroom and our daughter's room and help me plant my roses bushes in the back. I am hoping we can get it all done this year. 

But I just wanted to share Martha's calendar. I just believe that it is great inspiration for all of us and we should take some of her tips and ideas and use them for ourselves.

Oh she also had horseback riding scheduled for the 29th of this month.....

Audrey Hepburn

Oh, I wish I could add this to my list. I may have to look into that.....

(photos via Pinterest)

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