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Friday, April 7, 2017

Floral Sunglass Case

I shared recently about what I carry in my hand bag. I wanted to share my floral sunglass case that I picked up from H & M.

This case is so pretty in person. I showed it to a co-worker and she was just mesmerized by it! It is quite lovely and reasonable. They are only $10! It has a hard case on the inside to protect your glasses. And the shiny gold clasp just adds a bit of glamour to it. 

They also have it in black, leopard and pineapple. Click on the link above to purchase one. 


(photo via Mrs. Shockley and H & M)


  1. Good evening

    I love reading your blog, & today I unconciusly got this case too from h&m in the UK.

    It's beautiful & looks really expensive too doesn't it.

    Can't wait to start using it.

    Have a great weekend.

    Much love

    Maria xx

    1. Oh how fantastic! It does look really expensive. Thank you for reading and for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the case just as much as I do.