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Friday, March 24, 2017

Social Graces

This is our last section on manners for this week. I do hope that you enjoyed these tips from Kate Spade. If you are interested pick up the book on Amazon. It is really cheap, entertaining and helpful.

The last tips that I wanted to share are on social graces:

~May I air kiss you?

The handshake of yesterday is the air kiss of today. If you'd rather shake hands, then be swift and extend your hand in greeting before someone leans over to plant a kiss. Depending on where you live, the social air kiss can vary: in some cities, one kiss will do it; in others it's European style, with a buss to both sides. If you each turn so that you accidentally kiss on the lips, might light of it. 

~ To hug or not to hug- If you're friends, then yes. If it's a business colleague or client, with whom there is a genuine rapport, then yes. If you're meeting up with a group that includes good friends and near-acquaintances, then hugging everyone is optional- but so time-consuming!

~Sorry, but what's your name?- You're in a swoon, you and your new amour kiss, and he calls you by someone else's name. What to do- step on his foot? Vow never to go out with him again? Or call him by a wrong name? If you care, then bring to his attention, but don't let it keep you up at night. 

~ We must do lunch- Sincerity is the cornerstone of good manners, so if you suggest lunch or a drink to someone, be sure to mean it. Follow up with a phone call or written invite within two days' time. 

~ Double dipping- It's not SANITARY, it's certainly not appetizing to witness, yet just about everybody does it. If you're passing hor d'oeuvres, you can help prevent this by immediately offering someone a napkin or toothpick. You can't reform all the folks all the time, but no harm comes from trying. 

~ The Art of the Toothpick- Actually, there is no art to using a toothpick. When you feel the need for a little dentistry, excuse yourself and take care of the problem in private. 

And lastly, 

~ Tardiness- Some people are inherently tardy, no matter how hard they try: others are always early. With understanding, both kinds of people can be accommodated. What isn't excusable. however is calling someone at the exact time you're supposed to meet and saying that you'll be anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes late. Calling ahead shows respect for the other person. 

I do hope you enjoyed this post. I know I did. I always need a refresher on manners and grace. Being in a world where you see none of it can be hard sometimes. I must admit, sometimes I just want to throw my hands up and join the masses. But I try to step back and remind myself of what I want out of life and try not to be like everyone else. 

I always say I want to be a fragrance to people not an odor. 

(list by Kate Spade, photos via Pinterest)

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