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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My Aerin Lauder Haul

So this past weekend I headed to my favorite department store called Von Maur. I have mentioned them numerous times on the blog before. I always go here for my facial products, lotions, perfumes, etc.

I did not know it but this past week was a free gift with purchase! I was just looking around and saw that Aerin Lauder had a new lip conditioner! It has a light rose scent to it and is just lovely.

My lip conditioner at home

I absolutely love it! It has a light pink hint of color to it and did I mention the smell! So nice. I will be buying this all the time now. 

The next item that I got was this fantastic stargazer lily tote! Oh my gosh, isn't it gorgeous?

She gave me tons of Estee Lauder products as well. I ended up with two cosmetic bags full of generous size samples! I am trying everything out. In the large package of stuff I received was this lip and cheek lipstick. 

It is so pretty and I cannot wait until Von Maur carries it on a regular basis! 

Here is another look at the tote and it is reversible. So pretty....

She also gave me these fantastic postcards from Estee Lauder that match the bag. They came with the envelopes as well. 

Another one of the free gifts was this eye shadow makeup kit. Even the brush is chic. 

It has four colors to try. They are Pink Ingenue, Alluring Rose, Pink Kiss and Peach Passion. Alluring rose is my favorite. 

I am very grateful to the sales clerk at the Estee Lauder counter for being so gracious to me. She sees me in there all the time so I think she gave me extra samples just to be nice. It was wonderful receiving these beautiful things. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and check out the new lip conditioner. It is amazing! 

(photos via Google & Mrs. Shockley)


  1. What a beautiful bounty! Estee Lauder products and of course Aerin are my absolute favourites. They are expensive here in New Zealand so I don't often buy them but I adore their polished style. I love all of Aerin's products and tried the rose night table cream last week in Australia (Aerin isn't in New Zealand yet...)

    1. Thank you! The girl at the counter was very generous! I am glad you got to try the rose night cream. It smells wonderful. Hopefully here soon her products will be available in your city.

  2. I bought the Night Stand cream and it looks so chic on my...nightstand! I would have loved the tote and the notes. Beautiful expressions of loveliness!

    1. Indeed Donna! Did you like the night stand cream? I am interested in trying it. They also have a rose lip balm that I want to try.

  3. I love it...the scent is very soft but noticeable. I use it on my hands each night and the jar looks very old fashioned and pretty next to my other things.