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Friday, March 17, 2017

In the Office

I wanted to share these fabulous tips from Kate Spade. I am a firm believer in office dress codes. People will push "causal" to the max if you let them.

"To be honest, I don't dress that much differently in the office than when I'm not working. Sometimes my choice of colors (or clothing is based on hooky and going to museums)."

I so agree with this! My wardrobe doesn't change much from weekend to work week.

Dressing for work means dressing for your company and your responsibilities. If your company has a dress code, apply your style within those parameters. If you see a lot of clients or customers, consider that what they see is also how they'll feel about you. Remember: NO ONE EVER GETS REPRIMANDED FOR DRESSING WELL!!!

Amen sister!

I love this quote from Kate. I hate causal Fridays! People come to work in the craziest things.

"I know I should like "casual Friday, "but in truth I find it silly. It's not that I feel there is only one right way to dress for work, and of course I want everyone who comes to our office to feel happy. Yet when staff show up in shorts and sneakers, it's as if they're saying good-bye before even saying good morning." 

I wish I could find this brooch!!! Oh my gosh if anyone knows where to find it leave me a message in the comments section!  

Another aspect of dressing well is beauty and the most important thing about beauty is to leave SOMETHING to the imagination. That is still very important. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and continue to look beautifully dressed at work.

(text Kate Spade, photos via Pinterest)


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    1. I hope I find the brooch too! I would love that!

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