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Friday, March 31, 2017

My Cocktail Rings

This weekend my daughter and I stopped in one of our consignment stores called Style Encore. I picked out a few things and then we headed to the counter. My daughter found this great cocktail ring by Susan Graver for only $9!

I love it! It is so chic. I managed to find it on QVC but it is only available in green and I actually like it. There is a video available to watch also.

I have other cocktail rings as well....

This is my Juicy Couture ring that I found at T.J. Maxx some years ago. They had it in purple too. I think I should have gotten the purple instead. What are your thoughts?

I think I purchased this ring at New York and Company some years back. It is really understated and very comfortable. 

And last and certainly least is this ring. I don't remember where I got it or why. It is okay. I am just being honest. I will probably never wear the darn thing but oh well. Live and learn. I will be keeping my eye out for more vintage rings to replace some of these. If you have any cocktail rings, please share where you got them from and what they look like.

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My Aerin Lauder Haul

So this past weekend I headed to my favorite department store called Von Maur. I have mentioned them numerous times on the blog before. I always go here for my facial products, lotions, perfumes, etc.

I did not know it but this past week was a free gift with purchase! I was just looking around and saw that Aerin Lauder had a new lip conditioner! It has a light rose scent to it and is just lovely.

My lip conditioner at home

I absolutely love it! It has a light pink hint of color to it and did I mention the smell! So nice. I will be buying this all the time now. 

The next item that I got was this fantastic stargazer lily tote! Oh my gosh, isn't it gorgeous?

She gave me tons of Estee Lauder products as well. I ended up with two cosmetic bags full of generous size samples! I am trying everything out. In the large package of stuff I received was this lip and cheek lipstick. 

It is so pretty and I cannot wait until Von Maur carries it on a regular basis! 

Here is another look at the tote and it is reversible. So pretty....

She also gave me these fantastic postcards from Estee Lauder that match the bag. They came with the envelopes as well. 

Another one of the free gifts was this eye shadow makeup kit. Even the brush is chic. 

It has four colors to try. They are Pink Ingenue, Alluring Rose, Pink Kiss and Peach Passion. Alluring rose is my favorite. 

I am very grateful to the sales clerk at the Estee Lauder counter for being so gracious to me. She sees me in there all the time so I think she gave me extra samples just to be nice. It was wonderful receiving these beautiful things. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and check out the new lip conditioner. It is amazing! 

(photos via Google & Mrs. Shockley)

Monday, March 27, 2017

Escape to the Country~ New Series on Netflix

Finding new shows to watch is like finding a treasure. With today's t.v. shows and movies I find it so hard to enjoy any of them. I talk with some of my co-workers and friends and for the most part I don't watch the same shows. It has been really hard for me lately to find shows to watch. I guess I am being too picky. I love Netflix! I always scroll through and see if they have any new goodies. Well, I found one!

Escape to the Country is a wonderful new series that has been added to Netflix. I found it last week and I have not stopped watching it! It is a British real-estate program. Each hostess takes the buyers around England in search for that perfect cottage and country view. It has been quite refreshing! I hope you can check it out soon. I know I have been enjoying it!

(photos via Pinterest)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Social Graces

This is our last section on manners for this week. I do hope that you enjoyed these tips from Kate Spade. If you are interested pick up the book on Amazon. It is really cheap, entertaining and helpful.

The last tips that I wanted to share are on social graces:

~May I air kiss you?

The handshake of yesterday is the air kiss of today. If you'd rather shake hands, then be swift and extend your hand in greeting before someone leans over to plant a kiss. Depending on where you live, the social air kiss can vary: in some cities, one kiss will do it; in others it's European style, with a buss to both sides. If you each turn so that you accidentally kiss on the lips, might light of it. 

~ To hug or not to hug- If you're friends, then yes. If it's a business colleague or client, with whom there is a genuine rapport, then yes. If you're meeting up with a group that includes good friends and near-acquaintances, then hugging everyone is optional- but so time-consuming!

~Sorry, but what's your name?- You're in a swoon, you and your new amour kiss, and he calls you by someone else's name. What to do- step on his foot? Vow never to go out with him again? Or call him by a wrong name? If you care, then bring to his attention, but don't let it keep you up at night. 

~ We must do lunch- Sincerity is the cornerstone of good manners, so if you suggest lunch or a drink to someone, be sure to mean it. Follow up with a phone call or written invite within two days' time. 

~ Double dipping- It's not SANITARY, it's certainly not appetizing to witness, yet just about everybody does it. If you're passing hor d'oeuvres, you can help prevent this by immediately offering someone a napkin or toothpick. You can't reform all the folks all the time, but no harm comes from trying. 

~ The Art of the Toothpick- Actually, there is no art to using a toothpick. When you feel the need for a little dentistry, excuse yourself and take care of the problem in private. 

And lastly, 

~ Tardiness- Some people are inherently tardy, no matter how hard they try: others are always early. With understanding, both kinds of people can be accommodated. What isn't excusable. however is calling someone at the exact time you're supposed to meet and saying that you'll be anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes late. Calling ahead shows respect for the other person. 

I do hope you enjoyed this post. I know I did. I always need a refresher on manners and grace. Being in a world where you see none of it can be hard sometimes. I must admit, sometimes I just want to throw my hands up and join the masses. But I try to step back and remind myself of what I want out of life and try not to be like everyone else. 

I always say I want to be a fragrance to people not an odor. 

(list by Kate Spade, photos via Pinterest)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gracious Recoveries

We are now moving on to social spills and recoveries from Kate Spade's book Manners. I thought these were pretty funny and interesting.

It's one thing to get mail with your last name misspelled and quite another when an acquaintance continually does the same thing (and mispronounces your name as well).  What can you do? How can you be gracious without embarrassing your friend?

~ Squirting your seatmate when you crack open a lobster. Offer your bib, if you have one, another napkin, and maybe even a piece of your lobster if it was from the claw.

~ Arriving a week early for a party
Humor is really the only way out of this one. Explain that you're on a campaign to improve your tardiness and that you seem to have gone slightly overboard in the direction. 

~ Inquiring after someone's spouse and learning that they're no longer married
It's apparent that this is more of an acquaintance than a close friend, so offer a brief but sincere apology. Don't, however, take license and ask why the marriage ended. 

~ Wearing the same dress as the hostess of an event
This is a case of the Frozen Smile Solution. Doubtless, neither of you is amused by the coincidence, but outwardly make light of it and let it pass. 

~Spilling a Sea Breeze down the front of your white summer dress/ Someone else spilling a Sea Breeze down the front of your white summer dress. 
Both spills were accidental, and thus it doesn't matter how the cocktail got on your dress. Excuse yourself, find some club soda, and do what you can in the short term to minimize the problem. 

~ And the most predictable of bathroom boo-boos: a stubborn toilet
Who said life's fair? 

And last but certainly not least....

The Name Game:

Social faux pas are often committed in the misspelling or mispronunciation of a name. Contrary to the belief that you should grin and bear it, it's actually a kindness to correct the person right then, rather than wait until a later time. Sometimes a delay adds to someone's embarrassment rather than mitigates it. When you do inform someone of your correct name, do so in a friendly and casual manner. 

I hate doing that but you want to make sure that they know how to say your name. I have to correct people all the time. I hope you enjoyed this list just as much as I do. It was most helpful. 

(text by Kate Spade, photos via Pinterest)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Style + Work = Poise

This is my last post (for now) on style from Kate Spade. I wanted to share her formula for poise and demeanor in the office.

~ Consider the type of job you have: whether you work in a corporate environment, at a fashion magazine, or in real estate, the sensibility of your job and your position will guide your dress choice. 

~ Geography counts. Small town, big city, rural or urban are relevant indicators of dress.

~ Draw attention to your work, not your dress. How you dress may be one way of communicating, but your PERFORMANCE is always the best way to "talk about" yourself to your colleagues or your boss. 

~ Err on the side of discretion, not obsession: you might be proud of your tattoos and many earrings, but at work cover body markings and keep the earring count down to a pair -an earring on each earlobe.

~ Work style is not about gym-fit figure but about demeanor: no matter how flat your stomach is, don't show it.

~ Blue hair, purple hair, overly hennaed hair, or architecturally spiked hair is best left to after-work hours. 

~ Be observant. Some rules are spoken. Many others are unspoken. 

~ For presentations or lectures, select something with color so that you won't fade into the background. Avoid looking washed-out.

~ What's good for the goose is not good for the gander. Just because your boss might deviate from the normal office attire, don't copy her or him. (Or at least not until you're the boss and get to set the rules!)

Above all, be confident: posture and demeanor go a long way in an office. What you wear is part of the secure image you project. 

(Text via Kate Spade, style/ photos via Pinterest)

Friday, March 17, 2017

In the Office

I wanted to share these fabulous tips from Kate Spade. I am a firm believer in office dress codes. People will push "causal" to the max if you let them.

"To be honest, I don't dress that much differently in the office than when I'm not working. Sometimes my choice of colors (or clothing is based on hooky and going to museums)."

I so agree with this! My wardrobe doesn't change much from weekend to work week.

Dressing for work means dressing for your company and your responsibilities. If your company has a dress code, apply your style within those parameters. If you see a lot of clients or customers, consider that what they see is also how they'll feel about you. Remember: NO ONE EVER GETS REPRIMANDED FOR DRESSING WELL!!!

Amen sister!

I love this quote from Kate. I hate causal Fridays! People come to work in the craziest things.

"I know I should like "casual Friday, "but in truth I find it silly. It's not that I feel there is only one right way to dress for work, and of course I want everyone who comes to our office to feel happy. Yet when staff show up in shorts and sneakers, it's as if they're saying good-bye before even saying good morning." 

I wish I could find this brooch!!! Oh my gosh if anyone knows where to find it leave me a message in the comments section!  

Another aspect of dressing well is beauty and the most important thing about beauty is to leave SOMETHING to the imagination. That is still very important. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and continue to look beautifully dressed at work.

(text Kate Spade, photos via Pinterest)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fine Jewelry with Costume Jewelry

I am finishing my reading in Kate Spade's book called Style. The next section that I wanted to share was fine jewelry and costume jewelry. Should they be worn together?

Kate mentioned:

Real pearls are costly, yet you adore them. Is it all right to mix fine jewelry with costume?

Wearing jewelry with style is about considering shape, color, and proportion. If your grandmother's pearl necklace is perfection with your costume Dior pearl brooch, then wear them together often.

Make them a signature look all your own. 

I love wearing my salt water pearl necklace with my faux pearl Chanel necklace. They look so chic together.

I have also worn my black Eva Mendes statement necklace with my pearl necklace from my mother in law. Lovely together....

And I have worn my Talbots statement necklace with my pearl necklace from my mother in law. Again, very chic together. 

I hope you take your fine vintage jewelry and mix it up with your costume jewelry. The look together just might surprise you. 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Beauty of Accessorizing

I have pulled out my book by Kate Spade called Style and decided to review the "Have You Ever Wondered" section of the book.

Kate says:

You have a perfectly good dress for evening, but admittedly it's a bit on the plain side. How can you look more spruced up?

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Nothing elevates something simple like necklace of brightly colored stones or shoes with a lot of lift and sparkle.

It's what you add that gives personality and style to your appearance.

I love this lace dress and earrings that I picked up at Banana Republic.

I love accessories and believe that they can and will set you apart. 

My stripe dress that I picked up at New York & Company.

I purchased the brooch from a vendor last year. 

The shirt I found at a thrift store 2 years ago. 
The necklace is from Talbots also purchased 2 years ago.
The earrings are Ralph Lauren and the shoes are from Ninewest last year and unfortunately sold out!

I love to pair this with my flowy black skirt. 

The shirt I found at Banana Republic last year along with the bracelet. The earrings I found at Charming Charlie sales rack and the shoes are from Payless

I love to pair this with a gray skirt. 

The shirt I found at a thrift store. The shoes are from DSW. 
The bumble bee brooch is from Banana Republic and the earrings are from JCrew.

To read about my bee brooch see here.
To read about my shoes see here.

This has been one of my favorite dresses this year. I saw it on the Gal meets Glam blog in September of last year. 

I just loved the way it looked and had to purchase it. Here is the link to the blog post to read about it. 
The necklace is from the Eva Mendes collection at New York and Company, the earrings are vintage Chanel earrings that I got from Tradesy and the shoes are from DSW. I love this dress it is so comfortable.

And these are just some of my other accessories that I enjoy wearing. Accessories are a wonderful way to add your own sense of style to your clothing. I do hope that you enjoyed this post and I hope that it inspires you to add sparkle to your day.


(photos via Mrs. Shockley)