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Friday, February 3, 2017

The Art of Conversation

We all have those awkward moments when you don't know what to say to someone during a party or class. I have been there. For me I usually remain silent so that I don't say anything strange or offensive.

Luckily, Mr. MacPherson has some great ideas on mastering the art of conversation. First, make an effort to speak with those on either side of you, and at a normal volume. Yelling at a dinner party will dominate others' conversations- and it's a mark of poor etiquette all around.


Second, if you're lost for conversation subjects, say something flattering to your neighbor. Don't gush with false flattery, but find something kind, gracious and sincere to say.

Third, come prepared with something to speak about. I recommend reading the newspaper every morning, especially before an important dinner. Alternatively, listen to the news on the radio or on television. Doing so keeps you abreast of current events, and will give you many relevant topics to converse about.  

And lastly, be careful what stories you tell and how you tell them. Always think before you speak! I know I need this but I am sure that we have all had those moments of, "oh goodness, I wish I had not said that". 

I hope you enjoyed this great set of tips from The Butler Speaks. This is a wonderful book and a great guide! 

(text Charles MacPherson, photos via Pinterest)

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