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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Elegant Party Protocol

Many of us get invited to parties or have office functions but for the most part most of us will not be invited to state receptions or official balls.

Mr. MacPherson did however give great advice on how to have excellent etiquette and how to handle important events.

* Be on time (of course): When it comes to important events, there is no such thing as "fashionably late". Be a few minutes early if you will have to check your coat or if you don't know exactly where to go. 

* Do not lobby: An official event is not the time to lobby for your cause, no matter what cause it is. Use the event as a social time to get to know people, and contact your new connections on specific matters after the event is over. 

* Never ask for more food: Asking for a second helping of something will draw unwanted attention. Large events are generally planned down to the minute. By asking for more food you may upset the timing of a dinner, and insult your host or hostess.

* Connect with your host and hostess: Make an effort to speak with your host and hostess. Remember to take only a few minutes of their time. They do have to entertain other guests. 

And last but certain not least.....

* Leave gracefully: Usually, once the guest of honour has left it is your turn to do so. Finish one last dance or cocktail at the bar, then say your good nights and head for the door. 

These are some great tips and reminders from our great butler. I know that I will be adding these to my mental memory. I hope you enjoyed them. 

(text Charles MacPherson, photos via Pinterest)

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