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Friday, February 24, 2017

A Coffee Table Update

I know that I have expressed my love and admiration for Aerin Lauder's gold furniture numerous times. I have been watching and waiting patiently for the perfect gold coffee table and I finally found one this past weekend.

This was my old coffee table. It is faux bamboo and I picked it up at an antique store about 2 years ago. It served it's purpose but honestly it was too small. I only paid about $40 for it so I got my money's worth from it. 

This is my new gold coffee table and I love it! I follow a facebook page called Salvage and Company and it is located here in our city. 

They posted two photos of gold coffee tables. The other was a little smaller and honestly I was looking for that one but it sold already and the lady that works there said that this one was better than the other one. 

Honestly, I love the way it looks! I don't know if I will be keeping my brown couch. I really want to get rid of it and I probably will soon. I just want to take my time building my home. I am in no rush. 

I do love the color of my gray chairs. If you follow my blog you would remember these from two years ago. They were burgundy but I had them re-upholstered. See here to read about it. 

I am happy with the way it turned out and I love having the space. I can put books on the second shelf or more happy little trinkets to enjoy. 

The inspiration behind it..... love the gold Aerin. 

Isn't this just a fabulous photo! Ahhh, just love it!

If you are interested, I found a few to take a peek at. 

Oh my goodness, I love this!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley & Google)


  1. I just love that photo of Estee Lauder at her table with her perfumes too!!!