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Monday, February 27, 2017

My Waterford Crystal Vases

I know many of us have heard or seen the beautiful vases called Waterford. If you have purchased a gift for a wedding registry, I am sure that you have seen those beautiful crystal, glasses, dishes and vases on the shelves or cabinets at those stores.

Honestly and truly I have never paid much attention to these items until my favorite Youtuber Trina Leavers shared her home and talked about her Waterford vase that stayed in tact when her roof collapsed on it!

Once she said that I decided to take a closer look at these beautiful and slightly majestic vases.

This is my Waterford vase. It is called the Normandy vase and it is on sale now.  I have four so far. My husband got me this one for Valentine's Day this year. 

This is my Waterford Grant vase. My husband got it for me 2 years ago for Mother's Day. 

Now I have 2 of the Waterford Cassidy vases. My husband purchased one for me and than the second we found at a thrift store for only $15! I could not pass that up even though I already had one. 

I keep the second one at my office. Would you have passed it up? It had the box and everything. No, I could not leave that there. My heart would not let me. :) 

I do enjoy having these vases. I think they are wonderful heirlooms. I look forward to passing them down to my daughter. Click on the link above to read the history about this wonderful company. 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

Friday, February 24, 2017

A Coffee Table Update

I know that I have expressed my love and admiration for Aerin Lauder's gold furniture numerous times. I have been watching and waiting patiently for the perfect gold coffee table and I finally found one this past weekend.

This was my old coffee table. It is faux bamboo and I picked it up at an antique store about 2 years ago. It served it's purpose but honestly it was too small. I only paid about $40 for it so I got my money's worth from it. 

This is my new gold coffee table and I love it! I follow a facebook page called Salvage and Company and it is located here in our city. 

They posted two photos of gold coffee tables. The other was a little smaller and honestly I was looking for that one but it sold already and the lady that works there said that this one was better than the other one. 

Honestly, I love the way it looks! I don't know if I will be keeping my brown couch. I really want to get rid of it and I probably will soon. I just want to take my time building my home. I am in no rush. 

I do love the color of my gray chairs. If you follow my blog you would remember these from two years ago. They were burgundy but I had them re-upholstered. See here to read about it. 

I am happy with the way it turned out and I love having the space. I can put books on the second shelf or more happy little trinkets to enjoy. 

The inspiration behind it..... love the gold Aerin. 

Isn't this just a fabulous photo! Ahhh, just love it!

If you are interested, I found a few to take a peek at. 

Oh my goodness, I love this!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley & Google)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Favorites at Talbots ~ Spring 2017

Spring is coming and I just received my Talbots Spring 2017 catalog this past week. It is full of goodies I tell you! I bunny-eared a lot of pages in this one but below were a few of my favorite pieces from this season's collection.

Listed in Oprah's magazine. I think I will be buying this one!

or maybe both

I am not a big swimsuit person but this would be great to have! 

There are more great pieces in the catalog. I hope you can pick up a copy. I know I will be buying those bangles for sure. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Monday, February 20, 2017

My DSW Picks

I am an avid shopper when it comes to shoes. I am always looking for something chic and comfortable. I have two separate shoe wardrobes, work and weekend. There are shoes that I wear that are strictly for work and then there is my weekend wardrobe.

My weekend shoe selection is mainly kitten heels. I don't have too many flats. I have a very high foot arch so I need some sort of support. As I have gotten older I have learned that wearing flats can make my feet hurt really bad!

But luckily, DSW exist so I am able to find a great pair at a great price. Below are some of my favorites right now....

I really want this shoe!! I keep thinking about it!

This comes in red also!

Now, I love this shoe!!! I purchased the nude like these last week and I love them!

Comes in cognac and black 

And last but certainly not least.......

I purchased this shoe this weekend!

I hope you have enjoyed some of my choices and check out their website. I love shopping at DSW. It's wonderful!

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Richard Gere's Bed & Breakfast in New York

Okay, I know that I am not the only Pretty Woman fan out there am I? Then I found out that the seriously handsome Richard Gere has a Bed and Breakfast in New York. It is called the Bedford Post Inn.  

It is an eight room luxury inn, yoga studio and has two restaurants. 

Guests can choose from five room different layouts. 

The Barn, by Chef Michael White is a more casual restaurant where breakfast, lunch and dinner were served.  

Campagna, The signature fine dining restaurant by the Altamarea Group will serve well-known Italian cuisine as well as seasonal dishes focused on the farmer's bounty and local ingredients.

This certainly is a beautiful place and I would love to visit it one day. 

(photos via Google)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Elegant Cover-Ups

How many of us have had a heel snap or a button burst? I know I have and anytime you go out myriad things can go wrong.

And as Kate Spade put it in her book Manners when these things happen, laugh, throw back your shoulders and move on.

I have been reading this book for the last couple of months and in the section called, " Dressing Disasters: Slips, Rips, and Broken Heels", Kate gives wonderful advice on how to handle these mishaps.

~ The blouse with the missing button-  You notice this during a business lunch. If you're wearing a blazer, draw it closer; otherwise, pull up your napkin to cover the offending wink of skin. 

~ A hole in one-- You walk into a room, sit down, and realize you've got a large run in your stocking. Excuse yourself and remove the stockings. Even on a cold day a bare leg is preferable.  (I have done this a number of times)

~ Great dress, wrong bra- When you put on your sleeveless dress it didn't occur to you to check that no straps showed in back. If you have a shawl or sweater, drape it over your shoulders, or ask a friend to borrow hers. 

~ You're stepping out of the car and whoops- the heel on your shoe breaks off. Ask yourself which looks funnier- one bare foot with one shoe, or two bare feet? Sometimes it makes more sense to jettison both shoes. 

~ The one time you borrow clothes from your best friend, disaster strikes- the zipper breaks, buttons burst, or you become a magnet for mustard. The sooner you can change, the better. Afterward, be honest and tell your friend what happened; inform her you'll have the garment repaired and dry cleaned. Return it with a short note and a small token expressing your appreciation. 

~ You missed the fine print- you're the only one in formal wear. Slip off your jewelry, unpin your hair, and quickly wipe off excess "party" makeup. Then flag down the nearest waiter with the champagne tray. 

~ You thought the restaurant was casual, when in fact it's dressy, as are all the people already there. Comb your hair, apply lipstick, and don a confident smile, then glide to your table as though you were in ermine ( and pray for a banquette seat). Once the table's pushed in, who will know you're in jeans?

~ Your date sees the tags you forgot to remove hanging inside of your new coat. Laugh it off, then quickly get into your coat and head out the door. 

These were some fun and helpful cover- ups from Kate Spade. I do hope that you enjoyed these and that you think about picking up her book. It is quite delightful.

(photos via Pinterest)

Monday, February 13, 2017

One Kings Lane ~ The Inspired Office

I don't know if any of you subscribe to One Kings Lane. This is a wonderful website for unique, chic decor items. I first learned about the company in 2008 (I believe). I have been receiving their emails ever since.

This past week I received an email that had some lovely items on it. I just had to go on over to the website and take a look. Below are some of my fav items from the website.


To decorate my office with vintage antiques and modern pieces is a dream. I already have a 33 year old painting in my home office. I do enjoy it. I hope you enjoyed this post as well as my favorite items. 

(photos via One Kings Lane)