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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Weekend Flats

I am not really a flats kinda gal but when I saw these while I was walking by I could not resist. They have a slight wedge and are not super low to the ground and are not super high.

I think they are the perfect weekend shoe for me to run errands in and still look chic.

My flats at home

They are called the Gessa Demi-Wedge. They come in black and taupe. 

I took them for a "test run" this weekend and they did not disappoint. I received lots of compliments too! I hope you can grab a pair.


(photo Mrs. Shockley & Google)


  1. Happy New Year's Mrs Shockley! I love these flats! I am going to go to Payless this week and see if I can get a pair. I like the taupe ones as well. I'm in Canada so they may not have the same styles here but I will do my best to find them. Thank you

    1. Happy New Year Debbie! I am so happy you like the flats! I have been wearing them all weekend. They are very comfortable and they look very chic. I hope you can find them!