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Monday, January 30, 2017

Tips for First Impressions ~ The Butler Speaks

Okay, I have pulled out my book The Butler Speaks book once again. I shared some blog posts about this book, see herehere, and here. Now I am on etiquette and these tips from Mr. MacPherson are very interesting.

Mr. MacPherson believes that a good butler has much to teach us about how to make a good first impression and wants us to consider these pointers as first-impression success no matter what the circumstance.

*  When meeting someone for the first time, repeat his or her name in your conversation. A butler will call the guest Mr. or Mrs. plus their last name. He will never address a guest by first name. 

*  Use the appropriate amount of formality depending on the circumstance, but whenever you're uncertain, err on the side of being more formal, at least at first. Most people will tell you if they'd prefer a less formal style of address, but few will tell your when you've erred and gone too informal. 

*  Listen carefully when you meet someone, not only to the words a person uses but also to their underlying meaning. Respond when appropriate, and be generous and gracious. 

*  Always maintain eye contact

*  Be careful of using humour. If you are meeting someone for the first time, you do not want to offend them.

*  Check your ego at the door. Wait until you have established credibility before you even consider challenging someone you've just met. 

*  Choose your words carefully because, rightly or wrongly, what you say will be used to judge your intelligence, education, culture and abilities. 

I have really enjoyed this pointers and hope to be sharing more.

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