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Monday, January 16, 2017

Furniture Shopping for my Home ~ Round 2

Last weekend I decided to go and look at some furniture. The last time I did this was in 2014 see here to read about it. As I look back on that blog post I can see that I have not wavered in my choices of furniture nor colors and honestly we have purchased most of those items! I was a bit tickled when I realized that.

I wanted to take a look at the Joanna Gaines Collection at Value City. I think most of us have heard of this lovely duo. She has a wonderful blog called At Home: A Blog by Joanna Gaines. I just recently found it and will be reading it more often. I have a subscription to her new magazine and have written a blog post about her see here.

I was really excited to see her collection and took photos of my fav pieces. If you have an opportunity to see her collection in person I would encourage you to go and take a peek.

This beauty was upfront when you walked in. 

I can't get enough of this Carpe Diem Accent Chairs. 
I had my husband sit in one and he thought it was really comfortable! Yeah!!!

Now this I also LOVED. It is called the Dapper Sofa- Emerald. I love how rich the color is and the velvet. Honestly it's different and here in Indiana everyone seems to have the same furniture in their homes. It's really sad. It's like we all visit each other's homes and then we can't figure out what we want so we just go and copy our friend's or families homes. Sick of it!!!

I am not doing it! I will only buy what I love and what sings to me.  

Another Carpe Diem chair.....

Now this is not apart of her collection but I do love it. 
It is called the Venus Serving Cart- Rose. 

I thought this was fabulous! This is called the Final Estate Canvas Print.

Different and lovely....

This was another great sofa. Not from her collection again but it was a great color. 

I don't like the pillows but it's wonderful. It is called the Candice Sofa- Gray

And finally we saw this wonderful sectional from the Joanna Gaines Collection. 
It is the Chisel Sectional. It is very stunning!!!

So stunning that.....

We purchased it!!!! We do love it and we are enjoying it. I have been wanting a gray sectional for 2 years now and the wait was worth it. I am so glad to be getting rid of the brown furniture that we have had for years. I have also been incorporating blue and white into the family room and kitchen. 

It's different and chic..

I am really enjoying the changes in my home and will be doing some more changes down the road. I am hoping to get a new dining room table soon. Fingers crossed!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. I know you must be excited to have your new sectional! It looks great in your family room surrounded by your blue and white. I really like the carpe diem chairs and that emerald green sofa. the sofa reminds me of a piece you'll see while watching Mad Men. The furniture pieces all look sleek and comfortable. I have a written list of furniture pieces that I wrote down back in 2010. My husband and I have made a lot of those purchases. We still have a ways to go, but I know we will get there. I am happy when i look at my list and can cross out a furniture piece. One of those pieces was the antique side table that we purchased during the holidays. Can't wait to see what you choose for your dining table!

    1. Oh Mrs. Shery I am so excited about my sectional! I have been waiting for a long time. And Ms. Tina from the Enchanted Home inspired the blue and white. I had never seen that before her home so I love the inspiration from that. The green sofa was velvet and I just loved it! I have never watched Mad Men. I saw it on Netflix is it good?

      Oh I think it is so funny that you have a furniture list too! Yes, ma'am I have one also. For me when you get inspired from books or other designers it's nice to write everything down and put the vision onto paper. Make sure you send me some photos!

  2. The Carpe Diem accent chair and the Emerald Sofa are beautiful! New wish list for me!