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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lovely Blush for Fall

I know, I know, pink blush or dusty rose are not autumn colors but I could not resist leaving these items at the store.

I mean someone else could have gotten them and Lord knows I can't allow that :) But the good thing is all of these lovely items were at great prices. So great that sharing is must.

I picked up this coat at Old Navy. It is called the Wool Blend Everyday Coat.
I managed to get it in pink. Yeah me!

Now these I just adore! They are so comfortable and chic.
And the price is glorious! They are called the Sam & Libby Omni Ghillie Pump.
Aren't these fantastic? I picked these up at Ninewest.
They are called the Fault Kitten Heels. Super comfortable and super chic!
The shawl that I have with it is from H & M.
It is called the Woven Scarf.  It is very large and comfortable.
It has been a wonderful month of "pink" finds. I have really enjoyed it.
My birthday was on the 28th of September. I love these flowers from my husband.
He does such a good job! Notice my shoes under the table. I do enjoy our bedroom.
Remember to enjoy your life and live it according to your beauty.
Last and certainly not least does anyone remember this outfit from Cruel Intentions?
I think this was the only thing I loved about the movie. So classic isn't it. I must find one!
Well I hope you enjoyed this post. As always thank you for stopping by.
#liveeleganteveryday (my hashtag on Instagram)
(photos via Mrs. Shockley and Google)

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