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Monday, October 17, 2016

Cottage Love...

My lunch break is a great time for me to sit down enjoy my meal and read. I was reading a spring issue of Country Living magazine and saw the best cottage ever!!!

This home is 125 years old and is only 970 square feet but boy is it lovely.....


I love the gilded mirrors and antique hutch and desk.

What a great way to use space. I love the open cabinets and farm house sink.
I love the fact that she added a chandelier, oil painting and floor length draperies to the kitchen.  So exquisite! Oh and the lamp on the counter in the corner and fresh herbs too! J' dore!

They replaced the bathroom door with a toile curtain.
Very creative....

Can you believe she paid only $10 for her chandelier? She found it at a garage sale!
I love the artwork in her room. It is inspiring....
Blue and white outside? Yes!
Plates on the wall outside? Double yes!
Oh, I hate that this tour ended but it was quite enjoyable.
If you wish to see the original article view it here.
So beautiful....
(photos via Country


  1. Not sure if you know but the lady who lives in that cottage has a blog called The Gardener's Cottage. I would recommend it.

    1. Oh, sounds good! I will google it right away! Thank you!