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Friday, September 16, 2016

The Butler Speaks ~ Housekeeping

In our continuation of the Butler Speaks, today I will be sharing his snippet about housekeeping. On Wednesday I shared his snippet on house-cleaning. I never knew there was a difference but in his world there is.

Mr. MacPherson says:

Housekeeping is the day-to-day work that goes into tidying, reorganizing and detailing rooms in a home after it has been properly cleaned. Housekeeping is that extra touch that goes into good presentation.

This includes fluffing pillows, positioning furniture correctly, organizing magazines and books, properly making a bed and so on. 

love the table:

Without good housekeeping, a clean room is only a clean room, not necessarily an inviting one. I'm not saying clean is bad- it's simply NOT ENOUGH. A good housekeeper has a FINE TOUCH and a KEEN EYE for detail (I love this)! A clean room can only reach its full potential with good housekeeping.

Julie Leah on Tumblr:

I hope you enjoyed these tips from Mr. MacPherson. In my next post I will be sharing his thoughts on deep-cleaning! Until then I hope you enjoy this video from Sir John Richardson. I have watched this a million times. I can't get enough of it!

(photos via Pinterest, text Charles MacPherson)


  1. Dear Mrs. Shockley,
    Well, I just reordered this book from my library. I picked it up yesterday......thanks to you, I think it needs to be revisited!

    Warmly, Kathleen

    1. Outstanding Ms. Kathleen! I have really enjoyed this book. I think it will be a book that I can pass down to my daughter.