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Monday, September 19, 2016

The Butler Speaks ~ Deep Cleaning

I am learning a lot from these snippets from Mr. Charles MacPherson about home-keeping. What I do know is that I love it! I don't mind doing chores. In fact, I enjoy it!

Having a beautiful home is like giving your family a gift. And I have learned that they do appreciate it! Well, let's continue with our understanding of cleaning.

Today I want to share Mr. MacPherson's thoughts on deep cleaning....

Deep cleaning is what many households think of as "spring cleaning"; however, for me deep cleaning includes special projects as well as scheduled cleaning tasks that may or may not correspond with the seasons.

Deep cleaning special projects include polishing silver, vacuuming drapery, cleaning chandeliers, dusting and washing air vents, washing baseboards and so on. 


Butler's pantry storage:

Scheduled cleaning events can be coordinated around a season. For example, the seasonal transfer of a wardrobe is the perfect opportunity to wash and clean drawers, closets and shelves. 

Love this closet - space, natural lighting, simple yet functionable! #DJPDreamCloset Isn't this master closet a dream? Crown molding, baskets, bench, chandelier, island, glass door inserts, marble countertop, raised panel, shelving, hanging:

I hope you enjoyed this tips just as much as I did. Once I receive my book I am sure I will share more. Until then, be elegant everyday....

Wait, I do want to share this video about polishing silver from my fav homekeeper P. Allen Smith. He has a great channel on Youtube.

(photos via Pinterst, text via Charles MacPherson)


  1. I enjoy cleaning, too, only my arthritis doesn't care for it all that much! But what gorgeous photos of a wonderful home - or homes! Who wouldn't enjoy cleaning such a place! And doesn't the cutlery and flatware look good in tall pressed glass vases (some of them made for celery.)
    Margaret P

    1. I agree Margaret! The rooms are beautiful and I love the photo of the cutlery. I thought it was a wonderful idea for a party. I hope your arthritis gets better. That's no fun!