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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Butler Speaks ~ 10 Golden Rules of Housekeeping

I hope everyone is enjoying my posts about The Butler Speaks. I am telling you I have learned a lot these past few days.

Today I want to list the Ten Golden Rules of Housekeeping. Now, I know most of us know these things but it it is still quite wonderful hearing it come from a butler.

Here are the rules:

1. Before you being cleaning, get your caddy ready. ( I have been using one for about 8 years. It make carrying supplies easier to carry up and down the stairs).

2. Clean from the least contaminated item in the room to the most contaminated.

3. Clean a room from top to bottom.

4. A good housekeeper moves his or her eye within a room from top to bottom, and from left to right. This helps you notice details that aren't at eye level.

5. Look at a room from the user's perspective. What will someone in the room see while sitting down at the table or lying in their bed?

6. Always clean under objects, moving them as necessary.

interior design: 5 things you should know:

7. Use cleaning methods that are the least invasive or harmful to surfaces.

8. Dust regularly.

I love this wallpaper in the bathroom

9. Tackle seasonal deep cleans to help reduce the time required for daily and weekly housekeeping.

10. Don't bother with artificial air fresheners. A clean home does not require them. ( I don't agree with this one. I have 2 boxers so I need a wallflower or 2 maybe 4! My dogs can smell bad and I love walking in my home and smelling "fresh cut tulips". That is the name of the scented bulb I have been using).

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this list. I know I have and Friday will be my last post (for now) about the Butler Speaks. Enjoy!!

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(photos via Pinterest, list via Charles MacPherson)

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