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Monday, August 15, 2016

Who, What, Wear Collection ~Target

I took the day off a couple of weeks ago (my daughter's first day of school) and ran some errands. After grabbing a strawberry parfait at Panera (love) I headed to Target just to take a peek.

After walking around for a bit I ran into the Who, What, Wear collection. I had completely forgotten about this collection. I purchased the Bardot dress from this collection some months ago and I have just completely forgotten about how great this collection is.

So here are a few of my favorites from this line. It is affordable, chic and classic....

I think I need to order this!

Comes in different colors. 

Great collection right? I really want that Drapey Trench! I think I may just have to order that! I can picture it this Fall with my nude pumps and my vintage Louis Vuitton. Ohh, so chic! Well, I hope you enjoyed my favorites from this collection and check it our yourself. There just might be some favorites for you also. Enjoy!

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