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Friday, August 26, 2016

Principles of A Gracious Life ~ Appreciation

When we have a quick recognition of excellence, when we're able to value someone or something, fully aware of the magnitude of their qualities, our illumination leads to being thankful, increasing the value of esteem. Being aware of the worth of appreciation is key to a gracious life. Whenever we esteem highly, we are validating life, its merit and worth.

When we are thankful, we ourselves increase in value, transcending time and place, becoming one with eternity. Of all the qualities of a gracious life, appreciation is the most essential. When we're conscious of all the good and beautiful things and people in our lives, not judging, but living in continuous gratitude, we're free to connect with the great, timeless truths. When we show appreciation, we're recognizing the divinity within us, our true identity. 

~The Principles of a Gracious Life
by Alexandra Stoddard

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