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Monday, July 11, 2016

Wine Tasting at the Biltmore

As we continued on our wonderful tour of the Biltmore Estate the next place we ended up at was the Biltmore Winery.  The winery was built in the early 1980's. I have some co-workers who visited the estate before the winery was built. I found that fascinating. If you want to see the timeline of the winery you can view it here.

Once you finish your tour at the estate you then have to drive 4 miles down the road to the winery! The scenery was unbelievable! Sorry, I did not take any photos because I was too busy taking it all in. You then park your car and walk up to the shops, restaurants, hotels and then the winery.

The beautiful fountain out front. 

Entrance to the winery

The history and what to expect....

After reading the sign you walk down this beautiful path....

You pass the beautiful hydrangeas....

And into the winery.

You then walk into the shop and look at all the delicious goodies!

After you look at all the wines you can then enter the wine tasting room.
There you can sample all the wines in the winery. Great right?

My hubby and I enjoying the wine tasting. 
They have grape juice for the kids!

We purchased about 5 bottles. We really enjoyed the Chenin Blanc.
We also purchased these cute Biltmore glasses and the wine bottles were put into this beautiful wine boxes. 

The winery was fantastic! I have never experienced anything quite like that. There was so much to explore and see. I hope that we can visit again soon!

(all photos Mrs Shockley)

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