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Monday, July 18, 2016

Our Visit to Leopold's Ice Cream

I love ice cream just as much as the next person so while we were walking around Savannah everyone kept talking about Leopold's Ice Cream.

I thought, "Oh come one, it's just ice cream", but when we came around the corner at 10:30 at night and saw the line a block down the road that had me a little curious. So we got and line and waited another 15 minutes and had the most creamy and delicious ice cream.

Inside the store waiting in line

Celebrities who have visited

Family photos in the store

Watching the magic

Mmmmm, good!

Wonderful treats! If you are ever in Savannah and have the "patience of Job"
I would encourage you to stop my Leopold's. It is worth the wait!

(photos via Google and Mrs. Shockley)


  1. Mrs. Shockley, your ice cream looks absolutely yummy!

    1. It was yummy! Leopold's has been around for 98 years I think. So to see the original items in the store and to see that they still hold on to traditions was wonderful!