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Friday, July 29, 2016

New Beauty....

Since I am getting older finding beauty products that work has been a must. I want great skin that does not need a lot of makeup. So I have been learning to make investments in my skincare products.

I found this magazine called New Beauty and it educates you on skin care, make up, products and solutions to beauty issues that we may have.

In the Spring/ Summer 2016 issue they have a massive article called "Beauty Choice Awards. I spotted a few new products that I want to try and thought I would share them...

Lancome Energie De Vie
The Melt-in Sleeping Mask

This is an overnight mask that cools on contact and works it's magic while you sleep.
It's full of antioxidants and plant extracts that rejuvenate your skin.

I am not sure if this is available in the U.S. yet but I will keep looking

The next product is the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Hair Oil. It drenches
dull, dry strands with a hefty dose of omega fatty acids that help
strengthen damaged areas. 

The Clarians Body Lift Cellulite Lotion sounds very interesting.
This product claims to stimulate skin and minimize lumps and bumps in as little as 
four weeks. It has a minty scent too!

The last product is called the Eminence Organic Coconut Firming Lotion.
This double duty formula is suppose to leave you skin feeling firmer
and smoother over time thanks to its collagen-boosting complex and 
coconut-infused moisturizers.

I hope to buy these products one by one because they are very expensive. But if
I can get a sample from the beauty counter then I will try that route. I hope this
will inspire you to take a look into products around you!

Thanks for reading!!!

(photos via Google)

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