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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Things I Savor in Life

I love it when an author, designer or favorite blogger shares a "fav list". Those are always so fun and interesting to read. You find out a lot about a person reading their "fav list". I was inspired to do this list after reading Shannon Ables "Why Not... Savor Life?

Other lists that I enjoy are "Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life" and "100 Ways to Be Elegant" which has been an A Home for Elegance favorite (it has about 500 hits since 2014!).

Below is my "savor list". I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to begin your list today.

1. Fresh flowers every week at home and at the office.

                Roses in our bedroom

2. A new bag

3. My daughter's giggle.

4. My roasted chicken and red potatoes (dinner favorite)!

5. French bread

6. Polished nails

7. Kitten heels

My Jenn heels from Sole Society.:

My heels from Sole Society 

8. My piano lessons. I am practicing Bach at this moment.

9. The smell of floral perfumes.

10. My husband's hair cut

11. Cooked salted broccoli

My Aerin Lauder perfume Lilac Blossom.:

My Aerin Lauder perfume Lilac Path

12. Louis Vuitton

13. A silk scarf

14. Psalm 90:17

15. Vintage earrings

16. Chinoiserie wallpaper

de Gournay Wallpaper ~ Aerin Lauder:

Aerin Lauder's chinoiserie is so gorgeous!

17. A good conservation (life changing or revelations)

18. Beautiful china

19. An oriental rug

20. 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

summer in provence

21. Vanilla ice cream with spanish peanuts 

22. Fresh water pearls (my blog entry about mine is here).

23. A glass of Risata moscato 

My glass at home

24. Weddings

25. Jennifer L. Scott's books

26. The Bible

27. Instagram (my link is here).

28. My blog (but of course)

29. My husband in Ralph Lauren

30. Vintage Martha Stewart shows

31. Diana Krall music

Diana this album!:

Gosh I love all of her cd's!

32. The Fixer Upper- HGTV

33. New York City ( my visit to Rockefeller Center here).

34. Goodwill and consignment shopping

35. A BMW 535 (my dream car)

36. Chandeliers

A Home for Elegance: My Spectacular Visit to Restoration Hardware on my blog...:

Me at Restoration Hardware

37. Classic movies (my blog entry here about my favorites)

38. The Biltmore Estates (which I hope to be visiting soon)

39. Arabella Golby's personal vlog to Florence 

40. Candles 

I hope you enjoyed my list! Of course I could continue and add more but I figured 40 was enough. If you have a "savor list" please post it below.

(photos via Pinterest and video via Youtube)


  1. You are right, you can tell so much about a person when you read the 'lists'. You enjoy simple things and have wonderful things you hope to do one day. More importantly, you love your life and those in it. That's why 'we' enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Thank you so much for your response! It's funny that you should say that "I love my life". Honestly and truly I have been making that my life's goal, to enjoy my own life and not worry about what someone else is doing in theirs.

      A lot of times we get so caught up in the "my horse is bigger than your horse game" that we forget to take note and inventory of our own lives. I am no longer playing that game. I am going to love my own life! Thank you for reading!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing . I am going to look into some of your listed items