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Friday, June 17, 2016

On Vacation ~ Florida and the Biltmore Estates 2016

Well, today is Friday and next week I will be on vacation! My family and I are headed to Florida but we have a wonderful stop along the way!

We are stopping at the Biltmore Estates! I have been wanting to go here since I was a kid. I first saw it in the movie called Richie Rich in 1995. Once I found out it was a real home I have been longing to see it ever since!

We are taking the 2 -hour self tour of the home. Then it's on our way to tour the gardens....

After the tour of the gardens we will then head over to the winery for a complementary glass of wine....

Once we finish taking in the Biltmore we will stop in Savannah and then head to Florida!

I can't wait to hit Cocoa Beach! Then I hope to do some antiquing, take my daughter to the American Girl Store in Orlando and just enjoy my family. 

I will do my very best to take photos and maybe a small video at the Biltmore. I am not sure if we are allowed to. So enjoy your week and I will see you soon!

(photos via Google)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Things I Savor in Life

I love it when an author, designer or favorite blogger shares a "fav list". Those are always so fun and interesting to read. You find out a lot about a person reading their "fav list". I was inspired to do this list after reading Shannon Ables "Why Not... Savor Life?

Other lists that I enjoy are "Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life" and "100 Ways to Be Elegant" which has been an A Home for Elegance favorite (it has about 500 hits since 2014!).

Below is my "savor list". I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to begin your list today.

1. Fresh flowers every week at home and at the office.

                Roses in our bedroom

2. A new bag

3. My daughter's giggle.

4. My roasted chicken and red potatoes (dinner favorite)!

5. French bread

6. Polished nails

7. Kitten heels

My Jenn heels from Sole Society.:

My heels from Sole Society 

8. My piano lessons. I am practicing Bach at this moment.

9. The smell of floral perfumes.

10. My husband's hair cut

11. Cooked salted broccoli

My Aerin Lauder perfume Lilac Blossom.:

My Aerin Lauder perfume Lilac Path

12. Louis Vuitton

13. A silk scarf

14. Psalm 90:17

15. Vintage earrings

16. Chinoiserie wallpaper

de Gournay Wallpaper ~ Aerin Lauder:

Aerin Lauder's chinoiserie is so gorgeous!

17. A good conservation (life changing or revelations)

18. Beautiful china

19. An oriental rug

20. 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

summer in provence

21. Vanilla ice cream with spanish peanuts 

22. Fresh water pearls (my blog entry about mine is here).

23. A glass of Risata moscato 

My glass at home

24. Weddings

25. Jennifer L. Scott's books

26. The Bible

27. Instagram (my link is here).

28. My blog (but of course)

29. My husband in Ralph Lauren

30. Vintage Martha Stewart shows

31. Diana Krall music

Diana this album!:

Gosh I love all of her cd's!

32. The Fixer Upper- HGTV

33. New York City ( my visit to Rockefeller Center here).

34. Goodwill and consignment shopping

35. A BMW 535 (my dream car)

36. Chandeliers

A Home for Elegance: My Spectacular Visit to Restoration Hardware on my blog...:

Me at Restoration Hardware

37. Classic movies (my blog entry here about my favorites)

38. The Biltmore Estates (which I hope to be visiting soon)

39. Arabella Golby's personal vlog to Florence 

40. Candles 

I hope you enjoyed my list! Of course I could continue and add more but I figured 40 was enough. If you have a "savor list" please post it below.

(photos via Pinterest and video via Youtube)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Queena Sandal

I finally found a chic slip-in sandal for the summer! Geez it has been really hard trying to find a pair of these. I love this sandal. It is so comfortable and of course incredibly chic.

This is the DSW Queena sandal. It comes in beige, black and red. All would be wonderful additions in any wardrobe. I have it in beige and I am seriously considering going back to get it in red. 

I hope you can pick it up soon! Enjoy!

(photo via DSW)

Friday, June 10, 2016

A Recent Jewel...

I love when I find beautiful places that can take you away from your everyday life. Especially, when that place has beauty, wonderful food, beautiful scenery and decor. I found such a place recently called The Greenbrier.

It looks absolutely stunning! I saw it on a blog that I was reading. This is one of the reasons why I follow and read blogs. We are a community that shares knowledge and beauty with one another. Any-who, lets get back to this gorgeous tour that I wanted you to see.

These are just a few photos of this gorgeous resort. The video below will explain the history and the beauty behind this historical resort. I will be adding this to my list of places to visit. Enjoy!

(photos via Google, video via Youtube)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Incredibly Chic Home Tour

This is the home tour of creative director Herve Pierre. Herve was the creative director for fashion icon Carolina Herrera whom I consider an "elegant mentor".

This is a wonderful home tour of his apartment in New York. So inspiring...

This is outstanding... so chic!

His vintage Hermes Birkin is wonderful, isn't it?

I love seeing all the books and decor. Everything is different. That is what I love about this apartment. It is uniquely style. 

(photos via Google)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Lovely in Paris...

I keep telling myself.... I will visit Paris, I will visit Pairs and honestly I know I will but waiting for the time to come has been hard.

I am really intrigued by this city. I want to see the beauty of the city. I follow a lot of blogs and Facebook pages of individuals and companies that share this wonderful place.

One company in particular is called Paris Perfect. You can contact the team and have them book you a vacation rental in an authentic Parisian neighborhood. Their friendly English speaking team is available 7 days a week!

I visit their site all the time to just swoon over their rentals. They are absolutely stunning...

The one bedroom Castillon sleeps 2.

This studio apartment is called Kir and it can sleep 2.

This lovely apartment called the Vougeot is a 2 bedroom and sleeps 4. 

Love the kitchen. 

Gorgeous view!!! This apartment called the Chardonnay sleeps up to 5 and is stunning!

Lovely dinning area. 

Oh my goodness, I have to stay off this website! The more I study the apartments the more I want Paris!!! I can't wait to go and I will definitely be contacting Paris Perfect for our stay.

(photos via Paris

Friday, June 3, 2016

Ideas for Laundry

Washing clothes is a chore that most of us really don't like doing. I don't really mind it because I like clean clothes and I love it when I can get tips on how to make it better.

One of my favorite bloggers and interior designers Nicole Gibbons gave some great tips on some daily items. See her tips below...

How Often You Should Wash Your Jeans
Every 4-5 Wears. While some say you should never wash your jeans, I recommend washing them every four-five wears. Be sure to turn them inside out and always hang them up to air dry! Here is a favorite product for washing your denim.
How Often You Should Wash Your Bras
Every 3-4 Wears. Try not to wear the same bra more than two days in a row which will help it keep its shape. The best way to wash them is the good old fashioned way… in the sink with a little gentle detergent. If you’re too busy to wash your bras by hand, put them inside a mesh bag specifically made for washing lingerie and run them on the cold, gentle cycle in your washing machine. And your bras should never go in the dryer- it will break down the elastics making them less supportive and also cause your underwires to pop out over time. Lay them flat to dry. If you’re looking for a lingerie wash bag, find some great options herehere and here.

I have two of these lingerie bags.

How Often You Should Wash Your Sheets
Even I am guilty of this one but you should be washing your sheets once a week in hot water to kill any germs that have accumulated. A great hack is to put a tennis ball in the dryer with your sheets which will help keep them nice and fluffy.
Clean Your Mattress! 
Now this is one surprising item you’re probably not cleaning! But – over time, dust mites and other gross stuff buries into your mattress – yuck! So its a good idea to give the top of your mattress a good vacuum once every six months to suck up all the dust mites and any other living organisms. If your mattress has any stains, just use a cloth and an upholstery shampoo to clean it. I also recommend using an allergen protecting cover for your mattress which will help prevent dust mites.  Any hand vac will do but here’s one specifically made to remove microscopic dust and allergens from your mattress.

Clean Your Purse!
Inevitably, you’ll set your purse down somewhere that’s bacteria infested… A table at a coffee shop, a bar stool at a restaurant or even the floor which is swimming in bacteria – ew! To keep it clean, use a disinfectant wipe to clean off the bottom and inside of your purse once a week!
See my blog entry here about how I clean my bags!
Wash Your Dishwasher!
Wait, what? Yes, that’s right. While your dishwasher doesn’t seem like an obvious item that needs cleaning, the moist environment is a breeding ground for mold and fungus. To combat this, an all-natural hack is to fill a cup with vinegar set it on the top rack with the dishwasher otherwise empty and run a cycle on hot. This will naturally sanitize the inside of your dishwasher!
I do this once every couple of months. 
I love these tips and will be printing this list out. To read the original article from Nicole see here. Also read my blog entry here  about the Laundress. Enjoy washing!!!

(photos via Google, text via Nicole Gibbons)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Floral at Ann Taylor

A few weekends ago my husband and I took a trip to Carmel, Indiana. Now Carmel is like the Beverly Hills of Indiana. It is very beautiful and all the nice stores are located there. They have a gorgeous Ann Taylor store.

We don't have any Ann Taylor stores left in the city but Carmel does. So, of course I walked in and saw these gorgeous floral earrings. It was very hard for me to pass them up....

The model in the Crystal Flora Earrings

Me in the earrings. I love!

Primary Image of Crystal Flora Earrings

Pick them up now before they vanish! Incredibly chic!


(photos via Ann and Mrs. Shockley)