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Monday, May 16, 2016

Why I Keep A Journal

I heard someone say some years ago that the reason why they kept a journal was because they wanted to keep a record of God's score and that resonated with me. So I started keeping a journal in 2005.

I have written down every hardship and victory that I have gone through since then. Through out the year I revisit them. I do this to remind myself that God has not forgotten me and that victory is on it's way.

I have gone through every thing from job loss to family feud's. From dealing with jealous hearted co-workers to a petty ex-wife. My husband and I have seen a lot but with every valley the Lord has delivered us.

So I share this with you to tell you, keep a record. Write down your hardships and write down your victories. So when you have that moment of defeat you can go back to your journal and read how the Lord gave you victory all those other times and it will help you to keep your faith.

I just recently went and picked up a new journal from Von Maur. They are now carrying the new Kate Spade collection. If you are a flower fanatic like me then you will enjoy this collection.

As I said before, record your life. You won't regret it. 

photo via Mrs. Shockley 

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