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Friday, May 27, 2016

What I Learned About Pearls

I love pearls and I have said that over and over on the blog. I have learned quite a bit about this glorious jewelry statement piece. What I learned is that they are timeless, chic and make any outfit look wonderful and they get better with age. I recently read this simple yet informative list from Matchbook Magazine about what you should know about pearls.

Freshwater pearls: come in all shapes and sizes and a wide variety of colors.

Me with my freshwater pearls that I got from Von Maur last year, see here.

Saltwater Akoya Pearls: are round, pinkish in color and known for their luster.

Tahitian Pearls: range in color from inky-black to bluish-silvery white. 

Golden South Sea Pearls: are rare and lustrous with warm and golden tones. 

Now pearl necklace lengths are something else you should know. 

Collar: 12-13 inches
Choker: 14-16 inches
Princess: 17-19 inches
Matinee: 20-25 inches
Opera: 35-36 inches
Rope: 37 inches

Cultured pearls are "induced" in the shell and Natural pearls grow naturally. I hope you have enjoyed this list. Understanding this little bit of information can help you to pick out the best pearls for you. Thanks for reading!

(photos via Google and Mrs. Shockley) 
(To read the original article see here) 


  1. Thank your for the lengths of each necklace and their names. I am going to measure mine, to make sure I refer to them correctly. I really enjoy your blog and instagram.

    Warmly, Kathleen

  2. Thank you Kathleen for the compliment and thank you for visiting!

  3. This is very informative Mrs. Shockley. I will be purchasing myself pearls for an upcoming wedding that I will be attending. It will be my first real strand, which makes me very excited. Your pearls look absolutely beautiful.

    1. Oh yeah! First set of pearls, so exciting. You must post a photo on Instagram!