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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jo Malone London Herb Garden Collection

Have you heard about the new Herb Garden Collection at Jo Malone? Oh gosh, I saw it in one of the magazines I was reading. It looks absolutely wonderful! Just the bottles alone are a work of art.

Master perfumer Anne Flipo was the inspiration behind this beautiful collection.

So inspiring isn't it?

When interviewed by Celine; Anne said:

Anne: Our approach was multi-dimensional at first. We talked about colour and sound; 
the time of day in the herb garden, the light, even how the names of each herb sounded. It was 
a very inspiring, very unusual way to work and one that spoke to all the senses. 

For inspiration, Jo Malone London took me to visit a traditional herb garden where we were intrigued by the way the herbs were planted to interweave with one another. We wanted to reflect the 
diversity of the herbs, their natural playfulness and their different characters. The time we spend there also brought home qualities that are quite specific to the British garden: they are polished but still a little bit unruly. Refined yet relaxed. This duality seemed like a very British trait to me and I wanted to express it in the collection. 

I for one can't wait to smell this collection. I am really interested in the Lavender and Coriander and the Wild Strawberry & Parsley.

Beautiful bottles aren't they? I hope this inspires you to check out the collection.

(all photos via Google; interview information via Jo
(read original interview here)

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